Since 1990, ProNet Group has been providing the answers our clients request - what happened and why?

An established leader in the field of forensic consulting services, the ProNet Group staff is comprised of forensic experts and engineers that specialize in conducting field investigations of accidents, failures, collapses, and catastrophic events.

With corporate headquarters in the Houston area and regional offices throughout the U.S., we work daily with insurance carriers, law firms, corporations, government agencies and more.

Please explore our website to learn more about how ProNet Group is ready to provide the expertise you need to resolve your dilemma.

ProNet Group - professional...proven...reliable...since 1990.

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    A plumbing leak has potentially damaged a building's foundation. A natural gas line ruptures while undergoing maintenance, which has allegedly caused property damage to a nearby residential community. Commercial and residential roofs have potentially been damaged by a recent hail storm or recent high wind event. A fire occurs or a vehicle crashes into a building, and you need a structural damage assessment. You ask "What happened?" At ProNet, we provide answers.
    When Hurricane's Charley, Frances, Gustav, Ike, Katrina, Wilma and others landed ashore, ProNet Group's team of project engineers that specialize in CAT engineering evaluations answered the call. When a determination is needed for wind or water that first damaged the property, or if a recent hail storm potentially damaged a roof, or if the structural system of homes were compromised from tornadoes such as in Moore, Oklahoma, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and you ask "What happened?" At ProNet, we provide answers.
  • Forensic O&C Investigations
    Power lines fall on trees and ignite multiple homes. An explosion occurs at an industrial manufacturing facility. A homeowner has a kitchen fire. Perpetrators break into a machine shop and vandalize the electrical system. A thunderstorm occurs and the HVAC was potentially damaged by a lightning surge. A Mercedes C230 has been reported stolen and found burnt, or an 18-wheel semi suddenly loses control and crashes. You ask "What happened?" At ProNet, our Forensic Consultants provide answers.
    Construction is underway for the addition of the new hospital wing, and during a routine threshold inspection numerous cracks are observed in the finishes. Are these cracks resulting from an issue with the Architects' or Structural Engineers' design/detail, or the General Contractors quality of materials and/or workmanship? A custom homebuilder constructs a home and within one year of completion the property owner notices that the hardwood floors are buckling. Was the fill properly compacted, concrete mix correctly designed, or slab vapor emission test performed prior to installation, and/or adequate vapor barrier below the flooring properly installed? A fire sprinkler subcontractor is fired from a new construction project, the subcontract is terminated, resulting in a claim against the surety carrier. What is the value and percentage of work completed to date? What is required to complete the job and can it be completed on time? You ask "What happened" and "What needs to occur to finish the project"? At ProNet, we provide answers.