ProNet Group has experienced forensic consultants, fire O&C investigators, and professional engineers in the areas of fire investigations, vehicular failure analysis, electrical and mechanical analysis available to assist you in determining the origin and cause of the accident. From a simple investigation of a grease fire in a kitchen to a multi-million dollar loss caused by a massive explosion at an industrial facility, we are focused on providing you the answers you need for resolution to your questions, "What happened and why"?

By studying the maintenance of and conditions under which a product is used, our researchers can show whether a product failed due to manufacturing flaws, inadequate operating instructions, or improper use

Since 1990, we have performed thousands of forensic origin and cause investigations. Our experienced forensic consultants deliver concise reports that include thorough analysis, appropriate research, and dedication to timeliness and communication with the client. With many years of experience in their dedicated field of expertise, along with the pursuit of the latest research and continuing professional education, ProNet provides the answers.