Fire / Explosion Origin & Cause

Site inspections, laboratory analyses, data review, mechanical and electrical systems tests, and on-scene interviews with witnesses and fire officials are utilized to assess how and why the fire/explosion occurred.

With thorough knowledge of NFPA 921 guidelines, our on-staff team of certified fire investigators (CFI, CFEI, CVFI) is prepared to respond quickly to the scene of a fire in order to uncover clues and evidence that pinpoint the origin and cause of the blaze.

ProNet specializes in forensic investigations and research on issues involving:

  • Fire Origin & Cause
    • Residential & Commercial Buildings
    • Automobiles
    • RV’s and Motorhomes
    • Heavy Equipment
    • Farm Machinery
    • Boats and Yachts
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Evidence Collection, Analysis, and Storage
  • Subrogation Identification
  • Building and Fire Code Analysis
  • Expert Testimony