Sean Kelly - Mechanical and Automotive Engineer Joins Firm

IRVINE, CA (February 19, 2018) - ProNet Group, a leader in forensic engineering and consulting services to the insurance, risk management, and legal industries since 1990, announces that Sean Kelly, PhD., P.E., ASE, CFEI, has joined the firm as Mechanical Project Engineer and Automotive and Equipment Forensic Expert.

Dr. Kelly’s professional background consists of over 15 years of engineering experience in building and analyzing complex multi-disciplinary systems. He has expertise in prototyping, testing, automotive technology, thermofluids, manufacturing, and research and development. He has conducted forensic failure analysis and provided expert testimony for automotive, consumer appliance and electronics, and public utility industries. He has performed product testing, design analysis, regulatory compliance, and technical project management in transportation, aerospace, oil and gas, and consumer electronics fields.

Dr. Kelly will be leading ProNet Group's mechanical and automotive forensic services throughout the western U.S. region.