ProNet Group, Inc. Celebrates Silver Anniversary

For Immediate Release
April 2, 2015

HOUSTON, TX - ProNet Group, Inc., a leader in forensic consulting services, is excited to announce its 25th anniversary.

“What an amazing milestone achievement,” said Jane Heintz, President and co-founder. “ProNet would not be where it is at today without the support of our clients and employees. These twenty-five years have been a journey which we feel quite honored to have shared with those in our industry, and we are excited and optimistic to continue for another quarter century.”

“Our success is the result of a positive attitude, hard work, patience, learning from failures and above all being fair,” added Laurie Szuchmanski, Executive Vice President and co-founder. “Much of ProNet's growth can be attributed to how we treat those with whom we work. Being fair to our customers, vendors and employees creates strong working relationships, which has resulted in successfully producing quality services.”

“From all of us at ProNet Group, we thank you – our clients, vendors and employees - for your friendship, dedication and loyalty,” said Heintz and Szuchmanski. “Together, we all make up the ProNet family.”

ProNet Group, founded in 1990, specializes in investigation, research and consulting on issues involving but not limited to: structural failures/damages, water intrusion origin & cause analysis, fire/explosion origin & cause, product liability, vehicular failures/damages, industrial accidents, catastrophe/storm events, contractor defaults, geotechnical engineering investigations, mechanical engineering investigations, electrical engineering investigations, and construction defect and surety consulting.

For further corporate information, please contact Shawn Shoop, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at 800-216-7268 or