Marine and Structural Engineer / Naval Architect Geoff Parker

TAMPA, FL (October 29, 2018) - ProNet Group, a leader in forensic engineering and consulting services to the insurance, legal, construction, and corporate risk management industries since 1990, announces that Geoff Parker, P.E., MSCE, has joined the firm as Marine and Structural Project Engineer and Naval Architect, and to lead the Marine Forensic Division.

Mr. Parker has extensive experience in structural design, naval architecture, and forensic investigations related to the offshore oil and gas, maritime, and shipbuilding industries. Expertise includes engineering design, inspections, and damage assessments.

Mr. Parker has a variety of experience in offshore hull forms, topsides design, field engineering, construction management, offshore inspections, heavy equipment and rigging, and oil/gas well Plug and Abandonment operations.  He has served as lead marine engineer on many marine vessel and offshore rigs forensic investigations across the globe, including Gulf of Mexico, Bay of Campeche, Adriatic Sea, Red Sea, Java Sea, and Mediterranean Sea.

Additionally, Mr. Parker has experience in forensic structural engineering inspections.  He has conducted numerous structural evaluations of shipyard elements, marinas and bridges impacted by large floating objects, as well as residential and commercial building structures.