Denver - Senior Structural Forensic Engineer Ron Goff Joins Firm

DENVER, CO (June 14, 2017) - ProNet Group, a leader in forensic engineering and consulting services to the insurance, legal, construction, and corporate risk management industries since 1990, announces that Ron Goff, P.E, has joined the firm as Senior Structural Engineer.

Mr. Goff has performed hundreds of forensic engineering investigations evaluating buildings and structures for various conditions and forms of damage, including: code compliance, construction defects, risk assessment, moisture intrusion/water damage, structural failure analysis, differential foundation movement, construction vibration and blasting/explosion damage, hail and wind/hurricane/tornado/storm damage, and fire damage.

Additionally, Mr. Goff's professional experience includes design, project management, and planning of residential and light-commercial projects. He has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of engineered and solid wood products and the certification of quality control operations surrounding the manufacturing processes.