Daniel Zachreson Hired as Northwest Region Manager and Senior Structural Engineer

SACRAMENTO, CA (October 1, 2018) - ProNet Group, a leader in forensic engineering and consulting services to the insurance, construction, corporate risk management and legal industries since 1990, announces that Daniel Zachreson, P.E., has joined the firm as the Northwest U.S. Region Manager and as a Senior Forensic Structural Engineer.

Mr. Zachreson has nineteen (19) years of professional experience in civil and structural engineering and construction.  His background includes twelve (12) years of forensic engineering having performed over 1,500 inspections of wood framed, concrete, masonry, and steel framed building structures.

Mr. Zachreson has experience in identifying damages resulting from construction and material defects, leaking pipes, differential foundation settlement, moisture intrusion, and excessive structural loading.  He also has experience in conducting inspections related to snow loads, earthquake, wind, vehicle impact, and various other incidents leading to structural damage.

Additionally, he has managed, coordinated, and overseen catastrophe forensic engineering responses for various earthquakes in the western U.S. region, including earthquakes exceeding 6.0 magnitude in Nisqually, WA; Wells, NV; Eureka, CA; and Napa, CA; as well as smaller earthquakes throughout California and Pacific Northwest.